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12/18/17 – Managing Dependencies with a PAW with Bob Payne

11/3/17 – Something’s Awry with My Team: What’s Next? with Jason Hall

10/27/17 – Accelerating Business Side Agility with Roland Cuellar

9/22/17 – 5 Steps to Disruptive Innovation with Sanjiv Augustine

8/18/17 – Teams that Plan Together, Plan Better: Big Room Planning in the Enterprise with Mario Sylvia

7/18/17 – Visualizing Delivery: It’s the People, Stupid with Bob Payne

6/16/17 – Your Agile Coach Said What?! with Beth Wong

5/19/17 – Project Portfolio Management and Its Impact on Project Delivery with Roland Cuellar

5/5/17 – The Role of the Agile Leader – Agile Leadership Academy® with Arlen Bankston

4/21/17 – Agile Outside IT with Arlen Bankston

3/31/17 – Be Ready, Be Done: The Art of Slicing User Stories with Raj Indugula

2/17/17 – Double Aces: A Strategy for Better Collaboration with Peter Oliver-Krueger

1/27/17 – Disrupting Ourselves: Moving to a Teal Organizational Model with Bob Payne

12/22/16 – Sprint Planning and Progressive Elaboration: The Realm of the Product Owner with Micahel Riccardeli