Agile Transformation Services

The upsides of end-to-end business agility can be remarkable. Our clients have seen 67% improvements in business velocity, features delivered in a matter of a few weeks, and new revenues achieved almost immediately.

With decades of combined experience, LitheSpeed experts help clients design and implement end-to-end business agility solutions.

We help you move towards real and measurable business agility with:

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Business Agility Sparks®

From PMO to VMO

Managing for Value Delivery

"A game changer for those struggling to align PMOs with their agile business and culture."

Since 2007, Trusted providers of:

Strategic Agility Consulting

Flow value - fast. Does your approach to enterprise transformation encompass organizational change, funnel design, work intake and prioritization, project decomposition, portfolio visualization, and portfolio flow metrics? Our Agile program and portfolio consultants support and build:

  • Holistic Business Agility
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • End-to-End Agile Process and Organizational Structure
  • Portfolio Management Process
  • Business Requirements Process Acceleration
  • Organizational Change Management

Agile & Scrum Training

Align your teams fast or dig deep into requirements, value streams, or development practices.

We've trained over 30,000 people in Agile, Lean, Kanban, SAFe, DevOps and Leadership topics and all of our trainers are active consultants.

We offer Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile and ICAgile certification training.

Whether a company-wide orientation or small targeted workshop, each Agile training is customized for your unique needs.

Explore our training vouchers which allow your employees to flexibly attend training at discounted rates.


Agile Team Coaching

Optimize team function with an Agile coach.

From establishing Agile foundations to fine tuning culture and practices, our coaches instill Agile practices, build Agile competency among team members in all roles, and improve Agile engineering tools, skills and methods.

Most importantly, we’ll leave you with the tools and insight to sustain these changes on your own. We help build teams that can sustain themselves.

Agile Leadership Advisory

Get the support you need as a leader and change agent. We know that executives often have the least support and options when it comes to training, support and continued Agile learning and development.

One of our specialties and passions is working with leadership and executive teams to continuously improve their organizations.

In addition to executive consulting and mentoring, we provide custom Agile leadership learning and Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership training.

Seeking Agile Talent?

Fill agile roles rapidly with great talent. Whether you seek to grow agile capability with whole agile teams "in a box” or need specialized agile talent including ScrumMasters, Product Owners and Agile Coaches, we have experts for your organization.

Programmer and UX UI designer working in a software development and coding technologies. Mobile and website design and programing development technology.

Our business agility consultants have led and executed Agile transformations across a wide range of industries. With our practical experience, you'll learn to harness the full potential of Lean and Agile methods and sustain these changes long after we are gone.

How can we help?

  • If inquiring regarding private training for your organization, please provide training type, number of participants, and location of training for an expedited quote.