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The upsides of end-to-end business agility can be remarkable.  Our clients have seen 67% improvements in business velocity, features delivered in a matter of a few weeks, and new revenues achieved almost immediately.
But in most organizations, every single process and role is designed to support the current and probably traditional method of delivery.  
Achieving end-to-end business agility therefore requires a methodical and experienced restructuring of processes and structures along the entire value stream, from business strategy through to operations and every step along the way.
Lithespeed has hands-on experience helping Fortune 500 clients design and implement end-to-end business agility solutions.   We hope to have the chance to connect with you to discuss how we have helped clients achieve remarkable results and to hear how we can help you move towards real and measurable business agility. 

Business Agility Consulting

  • Business Agility Assessment and Strategic Roadmapping
  • End-to-End Agile Process Design
  • Agile Organizational Structure Design
  • Portfolio Management Process Redesign
  • Business Requirements  Process Acceleration
  • DevOps Technical Assessment and Roadmapping
  • Organizational Change Management Support
  • Customized Training Design and Delivery
  • Delivery Team Coaching and Mentoring
  • Executive Consulting Support

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Agile & Scrum Training

We offer a diverse catalog of foundations, technical and role-based certification and custom training.

Our expert Agile trainers shape each training based on your goals, from aligning teams and building a concrete foundation for agility to digging deep into requirements, value streams, or development practices.  Whether a company-wide orientation or small targeted workshop, each Agile training is customized for your unique needs.

We offer certification training through Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile, and ICAgile.

We also offer corporate packages so your employees can flexibly attend training at discounted rates.

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Agile Leadership Development

Successful Agile transformations require buy-in and steering from the top levels of leadership.

We know that leaders often have the least support and options when it comes to training, support and continued Agile learning.

We offer Agile Leadership executive mentoring and coaching, and several training options for executive leaders.  The Agile Leadership Academy program provides the best combination of rapid Agile leadership learning and ongoing trusted support.

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We take a holistic approach to Agile adoption, considering your people, processes, and products. LitheSpeed coaches help instill Agile practices across programs, build Agile competency among team members in all roles, and improve Agile engineering tools, skills and methods.

We’ve led and executed Agile transformations at organizations across a wide range of industries and Agile maturity.  Throughout the entire process, our comprehensive approach will help transform your organization through your teams, enabling them to harness the full potential of Lean and Agile methods.  

Most importantly, we’ll leave you with the tools and insight to sustain these changes on your own.  We help build teams that can sustain themselves.

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