Agile Caravanserai Howard Sublett

 Post by Sanjiv Augustine Howard Sublett is the Chief Product Owner and CEO of the Scrum Alliance. Howard has […]



Why are PMOs scrutinized in the Age of Agile?

Excerpt from From PMO to VMO: Managing for Value Delivery As organizations become more adaptable and responsive, they are starting […]
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Improving Agile Delivery Requires a Balance of Value, Sustainability, and Quality

What is Agile Delivery? I’ve come to the conclusion that “Agile Delivery” means something different in each organization. The characteristics […]
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Webinar: Value Stream Mapping – A How To

Improve quality, eliminate waste, and blast through the bottlenecks in your organization. LitheSpeed’s Agile Engineering and DevOps expert George Lively […]
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