Welcome to LitheSpeed! We are a team of trusted advisors who bring decades of collective knowledge in various pivotal roles and industries to the table.  We're passionate about accelerating your value delivery and sparking your enterprise agility.


At LitheSpeed, we don't just offer training and consulting; we provide a transformative experience with our proven turnkey solutions.

From Agile and Scrum training to our top-tier Strategic Agility and Agile VMO consulting; as well as our product innovation and agile process and engineering coaching, each service is meticulously crafted and adaptable to align perfectly with your company's objectives, ensuring a seamless integration of agility into the fabric of your enterprise.

Starting an Agile VMO journey or looking to leverage AI for innovation? You're in the right place. We invented the Agile VMO and even wrote the book on it.

Our consultants are at the forefront of innovation, committed to providing strategic insights that prioritize value and customized solutions to fit the precise scope of your challenges. We're here to empower your teams and leaders with the skills and insights they need to adapt, innovate, and lead.

At LitheSpeed, our dedication to elevating your business's adaptive capabilities is as enduring as our commitment to excellence.

Our Team

Founder and CEO
SVP, Agile Training and Coaching
VP, Client Experience
SVP, Agile Consulting
VP, Agile Coaching
VP, Emerging Technologies
Director, Agile Consulting
VP, Consulting
Senior Manager, Marketing and Operations
Senior Agile Coach
Training and Operations Manager
Client Experience Specialist
Finance and Operations Manager

We are a group of experienced Lean and Agile coaches, trainers and management consultants.  Our individual backgrounds span development and management to product design and user experience.   

Around 2000, before the term agile had been coined, we were working in Scrum and extreme programming.  Our senior leaders supported a number of large Agile implementations around 2005, working at enterprises like Capital One and Nationwide Insurance to roll out Agile processes, shepherding herds of consultants and impacting 1000s of employees.

Since founding LitheSpeed in 2007, we've been at the forefront of Lean, Agile and DevOps practices. Our team consists of visionary experts committed to continuous learning and application. This means you benefit from the latest insights and hands-on experiences that directly translate into tangible improvements in your organization's agility and performance.

We provide a wide range of training and enablement in the lean and agile space, from private & public training classes globally in Scrum, Agile, DevOps and Agile Project Management, to the holistic support of organizational transformation through coaching and consulting.  As a team, we have trained over 30,000 people and helped scale dozens of Agile adoptions.

We work with organizations seeking to improve efficiency and drive value between the business and IT units, and also help leadership teams looking to fundamentally disrupt the way that they do business.

While we work with teams in all sectors, from nonprofits to manufacturing, we have direct experience and expertise in several key industries: Financial Services, Media, Energy, Federal, and Product Design & Development.  Notable LitheSpeed clients in these markets include Financial Services: Freddie Mac, GEICO, JP Morgan Chase, Fannie Mae, USAA, JP Morgan Chase, Media: NBC, HBO, National Geographic, Chronicle of Higher Education, Energy: Halliburton, NRG, Westinghouse Nuclear, Federal: SSA, IRS, CMS, USCIS, CBP, and Product Design and Development: Nike, Samsung, BMC Software, Cvent, EMC, Accuweather.

Our Clients

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“…in the end both AccuWeather, and myself, are better off because of our exposure to LitheSpeed, and there is no argument that Sanjiv and his energy is why we chose them as our Agile transformation partner. He builds great teams who do great work for dynamic companies like AccuWeather.”

Bill Smith, AccuWeather

“LitheSpeed stands out as an exceptional company — exemplifying professionalism, world-class lean and agile qualifications, and an enviable work ethic. They played a crucial role in our agile transformation.  Their teams partnered closely with us, keeping us well-informed at every stage and ensuring a successful transition to an Enterprise Agile VMO®. As a result, we have witnessed significant improvements in time to market, customer satisfaction and cost reduction.  I wholeheartedly recommend LitheSpeed for your company's transformation.”

Charlie Kennedy, Huntington National Bank

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