Our Company

From methodology to cultural change

LitheSpeed is a cadre of expert Lean-Agile-DevOps trainers and consultants supporting Business Agility through management consulting, enterprise training, and program & team level coaching.  We specialize in executive support and founded the Agile Leadership Academy® to meet the unique learning needs of Agile leaders. 

We help organizations focus on outcomes and drive Business Agility through Business Agility Sparks®: setting up Agile Value Management Offices and End-to-End Value Stream Teams, employing Dynamic Strategy and Decision Making, and more. 

The Key

We believe Agile and Lean methods are the key to a cultural shift and a transformative way of getting things done.

More Productive

At LitheSpeed, our mission is to make people’s work more productive, valued and fulfilling.


Hand in hand with our mission is a desire to evolve and find purpose as individuals and as a company.

Our personal Agile journeys have paralleled Agile’s growth from an intriguing methodology to full blown cultural change. 

When we founded LitheSpeed in 2007, we initiated our own Lean and Agile experiment.  Banding together a squad of visionary Agile trailblazers since then, we all continuously learn from putting theory into practice. 

We are on a disruptive journey toward self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose.

Our Story

We are a group of experienced Lean and Agile coaches, trainers and management consultants.  Our individual backgrounds span development and management to product design and user experience.   
Around 2000, before the term agile had been coined, we were working in Scrum and extreme programming.  Our senior leaders supported a number of large Agile implementations around 2005, working at enterprises like Capital One and Nationwide Insurance to roll out Agile processes, shepherding herds of consultants and impacting 1000s of employees.

LitheSpeed was formed in 2007 and our focus shifted to exclusively helping people, teams and organizations adopt practices.  We have worked with companies large and small across industries, from startups like Carney Labs changing the face of artificial intelligence, to Federal government departments like United Stated Citizenship and Immigration Services, partnering with public sector change agents to lead DevOps implementation.  

What we do

We provide a wide range of training and enablement in the lean and agile space, from private & public training classes globally in Scrum, Agile, DevOps and Agile Project Management, to the holistic support of organizational transformation through coaching and consulting.  As a team, we have trained over 25,000 people and helped scale dozens of Agile adoptions.

When we begin a consulting engagement, we lead an agile maturity assessment, consisting of onsite interviews spanning 2-5 days, leading to the design of a custom roadmap with strategy recommendations.  We blend our analysis with the client change backlog, and support realistic change through rapid experimentation, iterative rollout and continuous feedback.  We follow on with coaching and consulting to help clients fly on their own.

All of our offerings are outcome-based and focused on digital transformation.  We work with organizations seeking to improve efficiency and drive value between the business and IT units, and also help leadership teams looking to fundamentally disrupt the way that they do business.


While we work with teams in all sectors, from nonprofits to manufacturing, we have direct experience and expertise in several key industries: Financial Services, Media, Energy, Federal, and Product Design & Development.  Notable LitheSpeed clients in these markets include Financial Services: Freddie Mac, GEICO, JP Morgan Chase, Fannie Mae, USAA, JP Morgan Chase, Media: NBC, HBO, National Geographic, Chronicle of Higher Education, Energy: Halliburton, NRG, Westinghouse Nuclear, Federal: SSA, IRS, CMS, USCIS, CBP, and Product Design and Development: Nike, Samsung, BMC Software, Cvent, EMC, Accuweather.

Our Clients

From startups to Fortune 100s, their success is our success.
Here are some highlights out of many.

“…in the end both AccuWeather, and myself, are better off because of our exposure to LitheSpeed, and there is no argument that Sanjiv and his energy is why we chose them as our Agile transformation partner. He builds great teams who do great work for dynamic companies like AccuWeather.”

Bill Smith, AccuWeather

Our Causes

We are motivated by the opportunity to improve people’s lives through their work. We aim to improve our community by:

Offering substantial individual needs-based discounts to our trainees and to non-profit clients.

Read about discounts on our FAQs page.

Providing year-round pro-bono presentations at community user groups, webinars and non-profit conferences.  

Contact us if you need a speaker for your event.

Sharing our knowledge freely through our blog, articles and presentations.  

Check out the LitheBlog and our Slideshare page for resources.

Sponsoring the Agile Philanthropy Initiative, which hosts the annual For-Benefit AgileDC Conference.

Need a sponsor for your community event? Contact us with your for-good and not-for-profit ideas.

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