Avinash (Nash) Tripathi

Avinash (Nash) Tripathi is a passionate and innovative leader in Product Management. He is a recognized leader in the Product Management space and Agile community. He currently serves as Vice President of Product Management at ECOM Consulting Inc., where he supports efforts to craft and deliver the company’s and clients’ vision of the Customer Experience product portfolio.

He is experienced in translating business goals into viable systems, products, and solutions. With 17 years of comprehensive expertise, as a Product Leader, his emphasis has been transforming the organization toward Product driven organization structure from Project driven structure. His career spans public and private sectors and includes financial services, non-profit, and Fortune 500 companies.

Nash has served for several years as the volunteer for Agile Alliance. He was the co-founder of one of the most prominent meetup group spreading words about Agile, Loudoun Agile Network. He was the conference organizer to celebrate 20 years of Agile, A20DMV. He is also part of Board of Directors for ICF Virginia.

Nash is a Coach by instinct and a trainer by passion. He is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and enjoys his involvement with the community. He has been involved with the Agile community and supporting non-profit communities on Agile, leadership, coaching since 2015 and supporting Product Management education efforts along with other industry leaders.

Nash received his Leadership and organizational design education from Stanford University and he actively propagates the lessons learned to all the leaders across the industry and community.

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