As we pivot towards a future where technology's rapid evolution reshapes every facet of our lives, the imperative for organizations to adapt has never been more pronounced. The seismic shifts AI introduces necessitate an agile renaissance that not only keeps pace with change but harnesses it to propel forward.

LitheSpeed experts provide real-time guidance on:

  • Agile Foundations and Strategy: Establishing solid Agile practices tailored to your team's unique needs. This foundation incorporates agile engineering practices and DevOps to foster an environment of continuous integration, delivery, and feedback, ensuring that development processes are as lean and efficient as possible.
  • AI-Assisted Agile VMO: An AI-Assisted Agile Value Management Office (VMO) will help you shift from conventional project oversight to a focus on value delivery and portfolio agility. The Agile VMO orchestrates Lean Portfolio Management and Adaptive Governance, utilizing AI to enhance decision-making, optimize resource distribution, and ensure responsible AI deployment.
  • AI-Enabled Product Discovery: Drive creativity and innovation in product development, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. AI-Enabled Product Discovery is a proactive approach to understanding market needs and identifying opportunities. We will assist with leveraging AI and machine learning, so that your organization can gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences to anticipate market trends and innovate with greater precision and relevance.
  • AI-Boosted Agile Engineering and ML Ops:  AI-Boosted Engineering transforms the software development lifecycle, integrating AI to automate and optimize processes, from coding to testing, and beyond. By extending DevSecOps with Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), your organization can ensure that AI-driven applications are developed, deployed, and managed efficiently, securely, and at scale, addressing the complexities inherent in AI and machine learning models.
  • Cultural Ways of Working: Transforming your workplace culture to fully embrace Agile x AI principles, fostering a more responsive and adaptable environment.
  • Sustainable Organizational Change: Empowering your team with the insights and tools necessary to sustain these changes independently, ensuring long-term success and continuous improvement.

With LitheSpeed's coaching, your team will not only adopt Agile practices but will also excel in innovative product development, harness the potential of AI within Agile, and achieve remarkable engineering prowess. Let us guide you to a future where agility and innovation are at the core of everything you do.

Agile x AI Services include:

Product Innovation Coaching

Our Product Innovation Services turn your ideas into leading market products, with Lean Startup methodologies and a focus on product discovery and innovation. Utilizing advanced technologies and data-driven insights, we engage in a collaborative process with clients, from ideation to rapid prototyping, underpinned by dual-track Agile discovery and development.

We start with product discovery, validating customer needs and market opportunities, and then seamlessly transition into simultaneous feature exploration and development. This agile approach allows for continuous product evolution, aligned with user feedback and market trends.

Through rapid prototyping and a keen focus on consumer needs, our process ensures that each product is not only innovative but also market-ready, resonating with both current trends and customer preferences. This streamlined method guarantees that your product is not just innovative but also viable and primed for market success.

Advanced Agile Process Coaching

LitheSpeed's process coaching is a transformative journey that integrates the core practices of Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban, while also embracing innovative methodologies like Agile x AI.

Our approach begins with establishing and refining Scrum practices, focusing on effective team collaboration, sprint planning, and rapid delivery. We then scale these practices to an enterprise level, aligning teams across complex projects for strategic efficiency. Kanban techniques are implemented to enhance workflow visibility and improve process efficiency. Our unique integration of Agile with AI paves the way for advanced analytics and smarter decision-making. We also focus on elevating Agile engineering skills, ensuring superior product development quality and efficiency.

Our coaching transforms organizational culture, instilling an Agile mindset for a more responsive and adaptable environment. Ultimately, we aim to equip your team with the tools and insights necessary for a sustainable Agile transformation, ensuring long-term success and continuous improvement in a fast-evolving business landscape.

Agile Engineering, DevOps and MLOps Coaching

Agile delivery is grounded in high-quality, stable, and tested code, which is essential for building superior products. At LitheSpeed, our engineering coaches are dedicated to enhancing your team's Agile engineering practices and processes, ultimately boosting product quality and accelerating time-to-market. Our coaching includes:

  • Building a Deployment Pipeline: Establishing a pipeline with multiple feedback levels for seamless deployment.
  • Automated Testing: Enabling fast, reliable automated testing for consistent quality assurance.
  • Continuous Integration Discipline: Instituting a rigorous continuous integration process to maintain code quality and ease integration.
  • Evolutionary Design and Refactoring: Assisting team members in evolutionary design and refactoring to improve and maintain code.
  • Clean Code Practices: Implementing practices to ensure the system remains flexible and responsive.
  • Software Craftsmanship: Nurturing a culture of software craftsmanship within the team for enhanced skill and pride in work.
  • Minimizing Technical Debt: Helping identify and reduce technical debt for sustained internal quality.
  • Metrics and Measurements Design: Creating meaningful metrics and measurements to drive effective change and improvement.

Our focus is to empower your team with the necessary skills and practices to thrive in an Agile environment, ensuring your products stand out for their quality and innovation.

We adopt a holistic approach that encompasses your people, processes, and products. Our coaches are adept at instilling Lean, DevOps and Agile practices across various programs, enhancing Agile competency among team members in diverse roles, and refining Agile engineering tools, skills, and methods.

Our experience spans leading and executing DevOps and Agile transformations in a broad spectrum of industries and levels of Agile maturity. This comprehensive journey transforms organizations through their teams, empowering them to fully leverage the benefits of Lean and Agile methodologies.

Crucially, our goal is to equip your organization with the tools and insights necessary for sustained change. We focus on building teams that are not only transformed but also self-sustaining, ensuring long-term success and continuous improvement in your Agile journey.

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