Is the Agile Value Management Office (Agile VMO®) the key to sustainable business agility?

As the original thought leaders behind the Agile VMO, we answer this question with a resounding YES!

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Why the Agile VMO?

Middle management often gets squeezed out of an agile transformation.  Losing industry knowledge and organizational skills is detrimental to any organization.  Instead, the Agile VMO harnesses the skills of middle management to lead the rapid delivery of value to customers, support agile teams, and position organizations for success in our volatile and complex business environments.

Why adopt the Agile VMO? Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. The Agile VMO enables business agility through lean portfolio management and adaptive governance, aligning technology initiatives with business goals.
  2. It supports the reorganization of teams along value streams, increasing communication and enabling end-to-end flow.
  3. It ensures that all work in a product or service portfolio is prioritized, and that business value is constantly delivered, tracked, and measured across the entire organization.
  4. By transitioning from a rigid legacy organizational model to a fast and resilient adaptive operating model, the Agile VMO helps organizations thrive in today’s volatile and uncertain business environments.
  5. The Agile VMO leverages a diverse skill set, including Customer Journeys, Process Optimization, Ways of Working and Agile methods, to ensure that the simplest thing possible is done well, without fear of refactoring, as the cost of refactoring is lower than the cost of waste.

What is the Agile VMO? 

The Agile VMO is a cross-functional, cross-silo, and cross-hierarchy leadership team of teams that enables business agility through lean portfolio management and adaptive governance.


How does the Agile VMO help?

The Agile VMO gets value flowing quickly by reorganizing the teams along value streams, increasing communication, and enabling end to end flow.  Leaders in the VMO help teams focus on prioritizing small batch, high value work. This enables sensing and responding to business conditions with an ability to pivot as conditions require. 


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