Discounted Agile training for your team that can be used throughout the year at your convenience.

Our training vouchers offer the flexibility for your team to join us on their choice of date, for their choice of training, at a significant savings. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your training types and your number of vouchers.
  2. We will provide a consolidated invoice.
  3. We will provide a single point of contact that will handle all logistics including:
    • Registration
    • Voucher Tracking

When you are ready to send a student just email your point of contact with:

First Name and Last Name
Email Address

Benefits to you:

  • Maximum discount
  • Single payment accommodates budget fiscal year
  • Streamlined process handled by LitheSpeed

Discount Amounts:

  • Purchase 5+ vouchers and receive 30% off all training seats
  • Purchase 25+ vouchers and receive 35% off all training seats

The discount is off the standard course rate and is not combined with other discounts.

Our most popular courses:

Intro Level:

Advanced Level:

Expert & Leadership Level:


Vouchers can be used for Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile classes.