Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

Live Online - Build your toolkit of coaching games, exercises and tools

This course is offered both in person and live, online. 
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With exercises and assignments built for a great online or offline experience, you will stay engaged and grow your ScrumMaster toolkit while preparing to earn your ACSM certification.

This course requires active participation and attention.  Whether you join in person or live online, two 8-hour days are broken up with breaks and breakout discussion sessions.

Advanced ScrumMaster (Scrum Alliance A-CSM Certified) gives you a practical set of tools, feedback on your communication and facilitation skills and techniques for guiding and evolving your Agile teams. You will be practicing a host of advanced personal and group facilitation skills and exercises that will reinvigorate your leadership approach and take your team’s performance to the next level.

  • Deal with common agile problems
  • Dive into team and relationship dynamics
  • Learn how to keep things fresh for your teams
  • Help your teams understand how to deal with different people & motivations
  • Walk away with a ready-to-use toolkit of coaching games, exercises and tools

To earn an Advanced CSM, you first must have an active CSM® certification with Scrum Alliance®, as well as at least one-year work experience specific to the role of ScrumMaster. For more details on Scrum Alliance requirements, visit the Scrum Alliance website.

Professional Benefits  

  • Earn 16 Scrum Alliance SEUs
  • Merit recognition as a A-CSM on the Scrum Alliance Website
  • Extension of ScrumMaster certification for 2 years

Meet your Instructors

Arlen Bankston and Bob Payne train our CSP-SM courses.

Arlen Bankston: One of the First Certified Scrum Trainers

Arlen Bankston was at the vanguard of the agile movement, beginning to practice within two years of the Agile Manifesto’s writing and soon developing one of the earliest Scrum Product Owner courses.  He co-founded a premier Agile consultancy (LitheSpeed), and was among the first to explicitly blend lean systems thinking and user experience practices with agile software development practices.  An active executive for over 17 years, he continues to coach, speak, train and mentor to stay at the edge of ever-advancing lean and agile practices.  Learn more about Arlen.

Bob Payne: Industry Leader, Podcaster, Trainer, Coach, Consultant

LitheSpeed with post its

A Certified Scrum Trainer and early adopter of Extreme Programming, Scrum and SAFe, Bob Payne has worked exclusively as a Lean+Agile Transformation leader since 1999. He hosts the AgileToolkit podcast and has produced over 170 podcasts, recording a variety of industry leaders and Agile practitioners.

Bob’s consulting and training style is built on years of Lean+Agile experience, a MSEE in Computer Architectures for Artificial Intelligence, and having grown up working in his family’s restaurant, so you can expect a blend of technical excellence and customer service.

What You'll Learn

In the A-CSM training, we address real-world scenarios in a highly interactive format. Going beyond theory, we share personal stories and provide practical, useful tools.

This course applies a unique blend of proven agile coaching techniques, applied improvisation and other experiential techniques to improve your skills in mentoring, teaching and facilitating in a coach’s many stances while remaining flexible, and confident.  We’ll cover:

  • Process Improvement
  • Driving Change
  • Active Listening
  • Self-Awareness
  • Building Agreement
  • Giving Feedback
  • Effective External communication with stakeholders
  • Facilitating Meetings and Ceremonies that stick

You will learn to:

  • Facilitate dialogue between the Product Owner, team members, customers, stakeholders, and executives.
  • Respond confidently when encountering resistance to change, lack of engagement, low motivation, and unavailability of key people.
  • Help your company adopt Scrum and support executives committed to Agile values.
  • Remove impediments that prevent long-term, deep adoption of Scrum and Agile practices by all parts of the business.
  • Explain the value of Scrum and Agile processes to skeptics.
  • Increase developer engagement to encourage greater accountability, commitment, and buy-in.
  • Extend the impact of Scrum throughout the organization.
  • Scale Scrum and Agile beyond a single team.

Sample Agenda

  • State of Lean & Agile
  • Facilitation: Done Well and with Agility
  • Coaching Individuals: Nurturing Personal Agility
  • Coaching Teams: Nurturing Group Agility
  • Assessing the Team
  • Coaching the Agile Organization: Beyond the Team
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Developing Yourself: Honing your ScrumMastering Skills
  • Exercises and Games for Local & Remote teams
  • Interactive Facilitation Techniques

Who Should Attend

  • Scrum Masters
  • Team Leads
  • Development Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Agile Coaches

The Online Experience

2 8-hour online training days are fun and exciting as you learn with fellow professionals from around the world.

Some answers to online training FAQs from our students:

  • We host our virtual training on Zoom with interactive components on Mural
  • We take breaks almost hourly
  • No special tech skills are required, though basic familiarity with computers is a must
  • We understand you may have family at home in this unique time; disruptions are expected and ok!
  • Our maximum student:instructor ratio for the best online experience is 25:1.  Most trainings are smaller than this, and in most trainings we have a second technical host supporting our students
  • Certification fees are included in the tuition