Master agile ways of working beyond the team level, and lead your organization in organizing for success in today’s turbulent world.

A Certified Agile VMO Practitioner understands the basics of the Agile VMO, how to set up an Agile VMO; and how to assist agile teams in the ongoing delivery of customer value.

As an ALA-CVP™, you will implement the essentials of Lean Portfolio Management and Adaptive Governance in your organization.

What you'll learn

Take the two-day Certified Agile VMO Practitioner™ course and gain your ALA-CVP certification as well as a Certified Agile Leader 1 certification from Scrum Alliance.

Learn how to:

  • Define an agile process. Understand the Business Agility Sparks® to target specific areas to build holistic business agility.
  • Organize around Value Streams
  • Plan and executive adaptively
  • Track and monitor program flow
  • Prioritize and select MMPs
  • Evolve a funding and governance strategy
  • Set up your Agile VMO