focus on outcomes.

How can you align governance and project and portfolio management with Agile processes and practices? How do you manage the change associated with Agile adoption?

Broader organizational issues are often overlooked in Agile transitions. Delivery teams are constrained when the other parts of the enterprise are not aligned with Agile processes. This results in frustrating planning sessions, lower team morale, and difficulty delivering high-quality products in a timely fashion. At the enterprise level this usually means that priorities are not communicated effectively and that teams are not provided the support and training they need to be successful.

LitheSpeed consultants are world leaders in scaling agile. We will partner with your organization to develop a mindful, strategic approach that best fits your organization, and helps you drive towards desired business outcomes.


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Agile Business Units

Build & accelerate revenue
Capture new marketplaces
Grow more customers and income
Improve responsiveness and nimbleness
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Leadership & Scaling

Deliver large, complex programs using agile methods
Staffing models that better support organizational agility
Modern HR Systems
Agile funding models
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More frequent release capability
Lower risk releases
Repeatable deployment processes
Higher levels of trust
More frequent and thorough testing

Strategic Agile
consulting typically includes:

Executive coaching
Organizational transformation and change management strategy
Policy and governance guidance
Organizational structural recommendations
Agile roles & responsibilities & issues related to HR
Agile-appropriate methods of funding, budgeting, and finance
Agile program leadership and scaling guidance
Program portfolio management improvement
Release planning facilitation at the program level
Program level estimation, planning, and tracking
Work intake, prioritization, and sequencing methods
Multi-team planning and integration
Program metrics design and implementation

Real solutions with Trusted advisors

Make a shift

Shift Left:
Agile Business Units

  • Shift from occasional large projects to continuous delivery of value in small units.
  • Speed planning and adaptation with a tight feedback loop between business stakeholders and delivery teams.
  • Pivot on demand with faster, more flexible financial planning and budgeting processes.
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Shift up:
Leadership & Scaling

  • Enhance flow by expanding agile teams to include upstream business stakeholders and downstream operations.
  • Speed decisions by empowering teams as small entrepreneurial units that own the full product lifecycle.
  • Improve adaptation by equipping teams with more direct access to stakeholders and users.

Shift Right:

  • Focus first on known bottlenecks in the delivery pipeline.
  • Get meaningful operational data around usage patterns, revenue and defects through the latest deployments.
  • Use the data to learn and improve both what you build and how you build it.
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Our development team was in a state of disarray, we needed education, process, and solutions to the chaos. We were hoping Lithespeed could give us a base level of Scrum knowledge for the entire team as well as the executive team so we could be aligned in our efforts. We absolutely feel like the Lithespeed engagement gave us what we were asking for and more, they gave our team a sense of excitement for the process and what it could bring to the team.

- Sharlene Cooper, Product Owners Manager, DISA

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