Can you recall a class or training event that made a lasting impact on you and your organization?

What was memorable about it?  Was it the instructor? The applicability of the content? The interactions with your peers?

For Cate Christiaanse, it was a small tidbit in her first CSM course.  The instructor provided pipe cleaners for students to keep their hands busy while allowing them to focus on the content.  It was the first time she’d seen someone actively engage with different learning styles, and she’s borrowed that technique and expanded on it ever since.

For Alan Zucker, it was very early in his career, on a team building event for a telecommunications company. He learned a structured brainstorming practice that incorporates the Delphi technique, divergent and convergent thinking, affinity mapping, and the nominal group technique. He has used this practice hundreds of times and employed it in everything from collecting requirements, to identifying the root cause of a project failure, to embedding it in many of his classes.

For Sanjiv Augustine, it was a facilitation course he took two decades ago. Facilitation principles like holding the group’s agenda, being neutral and being future focused changed his entire outlook and style.  Over the years, he has integrated them into his agile coaching and training.

We deeply understand the transformational power of training.  Every LitheSpeed course, virtual or in-person, is designed for an impactful learning experience:

🎯  Practical and pragmatic. New skills, concepts and techniques presented in an engaging and interactive manner by practicing thought-leaders with real-world experience and examples

🎯  Carefully curated. Well designed, industry-leading curriculum and high-quality content to keep learners engaged

🎯  Mindfully shepherded. Consistent instructor presence to inspire and ensure an inclusive, motivating learning experience

🎯  Interactive. Games and quizzes to ensure engagement and progress

🎯 Multimodal.  The right stimulus in the form of relevant videos, activities and discussions

We take care to provide a fully immersive learning experience that continues to be regarded as a model of excellence.

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