As agile adoption broadens and matures within organizations, an area that is often overlooked is evolving a holistic software testing strategy that leverages the power of cross-functional teams and left shifts testing concerns throughout the software development lifecycle.
In this session, we will explore the basic elements of an agile testing strategy, and provide tools and ideas to help you develop one that’s fit for purpose within your context.

About our Speaker:

Raj Indugula is LitheSpeed’s Senior Vice President of Agile Consulting. Raj is a versatile Agile Coach (Process & Engineering), and professional trainer with nineteen years of experience in delivering IT solutions across the public and private sectors, at startups as well as Fortune 100 companies.  An early adopter of Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum, he has over twelve years of hands-on experience with the pragmatic application of Agile processes and XP-inspired code quality practices, and coaching teams on the adoption of Lean-Agile-DevOps practices.  He has helped develop all roles, from executive leadership to engineering teams, in lean software development, process frameworks, product ownership, and agile engineering and testing practices.

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