As a product development team, what can you do when your executives change strategic course every few months? How do you keep the roadmap from falling apart every time? How do you keep your teams motivated? This talk is an ongoing case study of how Singlewire was able to align their executive team around a brand new Product Strategy and the processes that keep the company focused today. Amber Field, VP of Software Development will describe in detail the process Singlewire uses and how you might be able to make a similar change in your organization.

Amber Field, Vice President of Software Development at Singlewire Software, joined us at the DC Lean+Agile Meetup in March 2022.

Amber Field is the Vice President of Software Development at Singlewire Software, a company that builds InformaCast, a Critical Event Management & Emergency Notification System for schools, hospitals, and businesses. Amber has been leading agile teams at IBM, National Geographic, Opower (Oracle), Capital One, and Singlewire for nearly two decades and founded the agile consultancy, O2 Agility. She also teaches the Computer Science Capstone class and agile software development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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