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Agile Planning According to Arlen Bankston

March 26, 2015 posted by

LitheSpeed received a question from a student about an issue their company was facing during project planning. We believe this... Read More >>

Agile Executive Forum – Join us there!

March 17, 2015 posted by

LitheSpeed is excited to announce that Sanjiv Augustine will chair the Agile Alliance’s Agile2015’s Agile Executive Forum. Join a select... Read More >>

Lean/Agile Discovery

March 13, 2015 posted by

Susana Esparza interviews Arlen Bankston on the process of Lean/Agile Discovery.  Agile helps us “build the thing right” and lean... Read More >>

Agile Everyday

March 9, 2015 posted by

We make choices or trade-offs everyday. Run out of butter?  No problem..use applesauce for a recipe.  Don’t have time to... Read More >>