Whew — it’s been quite a while since my last Blog post! Turns out that I’ve been quite busy conducting a number of Agile related engagements on at least three continents: North America, Europe and Asia. This work included workshops in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai; Manchester, UK and Italy; and the Middle East.


Some of my impressions:


1. Agile has spread quite widely in Europe and North America, and adoption is growing quickly elsewhere.


2. Many organizations are now evolving their Agile implementation to multiple projects and complex organizations. These organizations are now looking to evolve beyond basic XP and Scrum on lone projects.


3. Enthusiasm and interest for Agile was strong everywhere I went. For instance, I found quite a difference in the interest in Agile in India from my last trip there about 18 months ago.


4. Agile is creating a common vocabulary for the delivery of customer value all over. I was easily able to converse with people in many different engagements because of this shared vocabulary.


5. Companies large and small are adopting Agile, in pretty much every industry: high tech, financial services, healthcare, etc.