After 8 years and 14,172 retrospectives, we’ve decided to sunset our retrospective tool, Sensei.  Many thanks to our 23,859 users over the years!

For our recommended Sensei alternative, check out Retrium.

Our Agile friends at Retrium have built a powerful retrospective solution, with easy access to popular facilitation techniques like Start-Stop-Continue, Team Radar, Lean Coffee™, and many more. Each of these techniques includes private brainstorming to help people feel safe speaking up, dot voting to prioritize your discussion topics, and action plans to track your team’s progress.

Learn more or start a free trial of Retrium.

If you are looking for another tool to try, here are some ideas … in no particular order.


Built for Retrospectives

Reetro – 100% configurable retrospective boards and pre-loaded templates

FunRetro – “effortless and fun” retrospectives

Realtime Retro – free, real-time with action items & reminders – retrospectives with emotional trends and insights

Retrium – retrospectives with custom features, choose from classic formats like mad/sad/glad or build your own

Sprintlio – detailed discussion functions, automated email recapping and exporting integrations with Slack and JIRA

Sprint Boards – team management, integration with Trello & Jira, card masking and merging

ScatterSpoke – custom retrospectives with the ability to scale

Echometer –  leveraging psychological research to make team development measurable and more sustainable

IdeaBoardz – simple and straightforward retrospectives

RemoteRetro – free, and a public backlog for feature updates

Teamworki – feedback surveys, retrospectives, and one-on-one meetings

Neatro – online retrospective tool for any agile team who wants to continuously improve itself – making the entire retro process seamless, simple, fun, colorful, productive, and unlimited

MetroRetro – built for remote or co-located teams, ability to export boards, mobile friendly

Team Moodworks as a team’s diary, collecting daily feedback, ideas and comments

Parabol – designed to put in-person and remote participants on equal footing

GoReflect – add feedback anytime

TeamRetro – customizable retros and team health checks

Retrobot – predefined and custom templates

Retrospect – real-time kanban collaboration tool, public and private boards

TeleRetro – a online retro tool that aims to bring the best retro experience to distributed teams, to empower people to have honest discussion and to bring real change to businesses.

Outro – retros with kudos-sharing

RetroTool – no account required – create a board and share a link

Retroly – customizable boards with a simple interface

Bttr – individual and shared boards for continuous improvement

Team O’Clock – retrospectives, stand ups and planning poker

Other Collaboration Tools

While these tools may not have been built specifically for retrospectives, they offer virtual and live collaboration perfect for DIY retros.

Trello – boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way

Leankit – powerful Kanban boards to visualize work

Miro – a collaborative whiteboard tool

Lean Coffee Table – helps distributed teams to run effective ‘agenda-less’ ‘Lean Coffee’™ meetings

Mind Meister – online mind mapping

Stormboard – seamless remote collaboration through templates, stickies and whiteboards

Padlet – beautiful boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to

GroupMap – real-time online brainstorming tool with a variety of templates

Mural – digital workspace for visual collaboration

Friday – gather feedback on a regular basis

CacooFrom flowcharts to wireframes: a tool for every diagram

Polly – custom polls: add automated feedback into your day-to-day

PinItTo.Me – infinite virtual corkboard

CoSketch – multiuser online whiteboard

Any questions or additions? Contact our team.