Customers always value the rapid delivery of quality services and products.

The only way for organizations to survive is to deliver customer outcomes quickly, learn rapidly from feedback and to continuously delight our customers:

✅ The speed at which we can iterate through a rapid Build-Measure-Learn cycle determines our agility. The shorter the learning cycle, the more nimble our organization.
✅ Hit hard by the pandemic, AirBnB assembled a cross-functional team and pivoted to online experiences in just 14 days!
✅ Most organizations have layers of red tape, internal politics, and regulations that weigh them down, slowing both innovation and the ability to confront crises.
✅ In a mind-bending display of mission agility, the US Small Business Administration (SBA) partnered with commercial financial institutions to process 29 years’ worth of loans in two months of April and May 2020.

Here’s a cheat sheet to speed your delivery and learning cycle:
🔹 Use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to measure key outcomes.
🔹 Make all work visible through a transparent process and Visual Management Systems.
🔹 Deliver Minimal Marketable Product (MMP) chunks, learn quickly and apply that learning immediately to the next cycle.
🔹 Embed DevOps and agile engineering discipline for continuous delivery, security and high quality.
🔹 Streamline your organization to accelerate decision making velocity.

What are some examples of business agility that you’ve seen in the past year?