Timing: 1 Hour


Journey Line template and a white board.


  1. Select a Time Frame to cover (for this particular retrospective it’s better suited to cover longer periods of time: past release, last few iterations, etc,).
  2. Individual Reflection. Have individuals draw their journey line over the given timeframe on the template provided, annotating highs and lows (Demonstrate on Whiteboard). 5-10 minutes.
  3. Pair Share. Have each member pick a partner and share their Journey lines with each other. 10 Minutes.
  4. Group Draw.  Have each member come up and trace their journey line that they drew on their paper, on the whiteboard. Give them the option to share their high/low points or not.  (Drawings should overlap). 15-20 Minutes depending on group size
  5. Pattern Analysis. Identify key areas of overlap.  Ask the group why they think that is? Is it related or just coincidental? Are there any outliers? 20 Minutes

Learning Outcomes:

1. Gain visibility into common high points and low points through pattern analysis of overlapping journey lines.  Often times that “major” low point or high point that registered during a retrospective isn’t a blip on the team’s collective journey. Conversely enduring highs/lows will register.

2. Team members will gain empathy into one another’s personal journey.

Facilitator Tips:

  • Give member the option to opt out of explaining their highs and lows to the whole group (some may not want to share in a large setting)
  • If you are a member of the team, kick off the group draw first.
  • Don’t skip the individual journey line portion, it helps prevent group think.

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