End-to-End Agile with the Business Agility Sparks® Framework

Presented by LitheSpeed’s Bob Payne and Arlen Bankston at Lean+Agile DC 2019.

Has your business been struggling to achieve the many purported benefits of agile methods? In our years of work with clients big and small, a consistent pattern has emerged; crossfunctional agile development teams are an essential start, but not enough to transform a business by themselves. For this end-to-end agility is needed. This session will explore case studies of how businesses have been transformed using a simple framework known as the Business Agility Sparks®.

Some practical tools and techniques for assessing opportunities and implementing similar patterns will be shared as well in order to help you begin trying out these ideas at your own business. The Business Agility Sparks assume that you have already begun working with Agile teams in a development capacity. They help to extend agility’s reach through three concepts:

Shift Up to Leadership – Executives often verbally support agile methods and ideas, but struggle in determining how best to support them. The Sparks associated with this shift are Agile Budgeting, the Agile VMO™, Portfolio Kanban, Agile HR and People Ops and Dynamic Strategy and Decision Making.

Shift Left to the Business – While development is the focus on most agile rollouts, our experience has shown that upfront planning is in fact the slowest part of the process in many businesses. This process can be accelerated dramatically through the application of the Sparks Lean Discovery and End-to-End Value Stream Teams.

Shift Right to Operations – The final mile of deployment is often a struggle for agile teams, and lack of visibility into production operations dramatically impacts the speed and utility of product feedback loops. The Sparks Outcome-Based Measurement and DevOps Deployment offer patterns for addressing this situation. Join us and learn how to get the fast, flexible business that agile methods have promised all along.

Learn more at BusinessAgilitySparks.com and contact us for help bringing the sparks to your organization.