Many of our ScrumMasters earn their certification then wonder about the next step – CSPO?   Not necessarily.  Go for the CSPO if you’re in a product owner role.  If you’re in more of a team leadership role, check out Advanced Agile Coaching & Management.  As a ScrumMaster or team lead, you are charged with engaging, motivating, and developing your team to its full potential.  As a next step to the CSM, we have crafted a fast paced, insightful and FUN course to help you build the confidence required to lead a team.

After a fantastic kickoff course, Jessie Shternshus of The Improv Effect and LitheSpeed’s Arlen Bankston are running another Advanced Agile Coaching & Management class on July 14-15.  It’s a very interactive, hands-on course, focusing a good deal on the personal and behavioral angle, and also providing a wealth of exercises, games, facilitation templates and so forth, with an eye towards actionable, practical tools.

This workshop is fantastic for ScrumMasters and coaches, but it’s also a good course for managers in general.  So, if you’re looking for some next-level guidance, or even just a new toolkit for facilitating and managing the process, join us

Check out the agenda and register here.

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