I ran across this older interview of mine from Tech Republic, and thought it might be good to reiterate some of the thoughts here.

1. A concise definition of APM is this: agile project management enables project teams to create and respond to change.

2. Here are some of the benefits of agile management:

  • Iterative and incremental delivery for rapid business results
  • Increased teamwork and collaboration for reduced waste; and increased productivity and team morale
  • Learning and adaptation for increased quality and flexibility to change

3. Some ways to transition to Agile Project Management are:

  • Recognize that people are the longer-term project
  • Use Features Breakdown Structures instead of Work Breakdown Structures
  • Acknowledge that the Perfect Plan is a Myth
  • Replace Predictive Planning with Adaptive Planning
  • Stress Execution Over Planning
  • Respond to Change with Adaptive, not Corrective Action

The biggest change in philosophy that a manager needs to make (if they haven’t already) is to give up on the idea of command-and-control. Good, experienced managers know that control is only an illusion and people do what they want to do. So, APM accepts this and presents simple ways to work with this reality.

Read the full TechRepublic interview here: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/change-is-inevitable-respond-to-it-positively-through-agile-project-management/.