The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has affected businesses across the world. As leaders, we have worked hard over the past months to execute immediate actions like a pivot to Virtual Everything and Working From Home (WFH). Even as things have stabilized, we all know that we are a long way away from the next normal. How can we best use this unprecedented time to prepare our organizations for the future? Agile leaders are investing in three areas:

1. Lean Mindset. Developing a Lean mindset from executives to individual contributors helps drive consistency of purpose and alignment of action end-to-end across the enterprise.

2. Agile and DevOps Engineering Excellence. Advanced agile engineering practices like Test Driven Development (TDD) help leverage investment in Agile teams, and perfectly complement DevOps CICD platforms. Together, they greatly enhance speed to market.

3. Lean Portfolio Management. Ensuring that we work on building the right things for our customers greatly reduces wasted effort and cost. Lean Portfolio Management also helps us build discipline around Work in Process (WIP) limits, and helps us focus on chunking and prioritizing the right product and services to dramatically improve flow and agility.


Join Sanjiv Augustine and Roland Cuellar from LitheSpeed to learn how agile leaders are using the pandemic time to retool their organization for the hypercompetitive future via the three elements above.

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