Since 2007, our team has supported enterprise agile transformation and trained more than 25,000 people in Lean and Agile methods. As teams grew Agile from the ground up, we saw a growing need for executive-focused agile mentorship. We founded the Agile Leadership Academy® in 2016 to support Agile leaders, who stand at the helm of true agile transformation.

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Agile Leadership Academy

When you enroll in the Agile Leadership Academy, you are joining industry and government experts with a passion for improving lives through changing the way people work.

Based on 15+ years of experience with enterprise Agile adoptions, landmark thought leadership and ideas curated from our founders’ executive networks and summit events, the Agile Leadership Academy prepares senior managers and executives to create and lead an Agile organization.

Kick off your organization’s transformation with an orientation.

Check out the LitheSpeed workshops below or contact us to craft a unique training.

Agile Team Workshop

This 2-3 day workshop presents an easy to understand model of Agile requirements, starting with a vision and progressing all the way down to user stories, acceptance criteria, testable examples and specifications. The workshop then covers all of the Scrum ceremonies with a focus on how the varying roles collaborate to achieve team excellence.

Team members learn the importance of each team role in Agile methods, inspiring enthusiasm in your Agile jumpstart and leading to a holistic, cohesive adoption.

Organizational Orientation

Designed for an organization prepping for Agile adoption, this Orientation will energize the whole group. This course provides an introduction to Agile for all team members and sets a baseline of understanding.

We will work with you to craft an orientation based on your organization’s needs. We can deliver this session for a company of any size, so that all business and IT members of an enterprise can obtain a shared understanding of Agile and how it impacts the organization.

Executive Orientation

Crafted exclusively for Executives, your leadership team will dive into Agile methods and gain tools to transform the organization. Executives will learn to:

  • Set up a lean and Agile transformation team: Establish a motivated team that will help manage and sustain the initiative.
  • Promote Lean thinking to empower teams: Empowered teams make decisions, self-organize, and solve problems, driving continuous improvement at all levels of the enterprise.
  • Establish goals and metrics: Visibility into a transformation’s progress helps drive decisions, support and adaptive planning.the enterprise.

Onsite Training

Contact us to customize Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, IC Agile, Kanban, and other training for your organization.

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