In the Agile Team Workshop, your team gains a shared understanding of an Agile requirements model, starting with a vision and progressing all the way down to acceptance tests and testable examples.  Leave with new ideas and a cohesive understanding of the Agile road ahead.

This workshop provides you and your colleagues across all disciplines with experience dealing with complex issues facing Agile teams today so that you can work across role and function to speed time to market while increasing quality.  The team workshop covers Agile basics and beyond, to provide real world, practical insights, jump start your team on their Agile journey, or take current performance to the next level.

LitheSpeed coaches dynamically adapt to your team’s circumstances, offering both tactical and strategic assistance as appropriate.

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What you'll learn

  • Plan and execute short development iterations to get to market early and often
  • Apply the best of Kanban, XP, and Theory of Constraints in a Scrum framework
  • Move towards multi-disciplinary generalizing specialists to maximize team performance
  • Adapt via an inspect-and-adapt feedback cycle, project retrospectives and plus-delta feedback
  • Break down the barriers between various roles such as QA and development
  • Make the paradigm shift from top down to distributed control
  • Build a cohesive Agile team via appropriate team structure, workplace design and team roles
  • Track and monitor progress via team boards, task boards, burn down charts, parking lots, and metrics
  • Commit to a feature breakdown structure instead of a work breakdown structure
  • Create conditions of acceptance, acceptance criteria and testable examples and use them, instead of lengthy text descriptions, to create clarity among analyst, developers, testers, and all team members


Agile & Scrum Basics

  • Introductions
  • Scrum overview
  • Why Agile?
  • Common challenges
  • Terminology

Roles & Team

  • Team structures
  • Poly skilling
  • Emerging roles

Product Discovery & User Stories

  • Personas
  • Visions
  • Problem / Customer Fit
  • User Stories & the Product Backlog
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Concrete Examples
  • Backlog Refinement

Release Planning & Roadmapping

  • Story Mapping & Roadmaps
  • Stakeholder Management & Prioritization

Scrum Ceremonies & Artifacts

  • Discovery Sessions
  • Product Backlog
  • Release Planning
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint
  • Sprint Review & Retro

Estimating & Forecasting

  • Estimating
  • Planning poker
  • Advanced techniques
  • Burndowns / burnups

Product Validation & Metrics

  • Whole Lifecycle Metrics
  • Customer Development & Suppor


  • Theories of Lean & Kanban
  • Setting up a Kanban system

Agile Tooling

  • Jira
  • Development toolchain
  • Product management tools


  • Theory
  • Implementation Strategies

Building & Growing Agility

  • State of Lean & Agile
  • Personal Awareness and Effective Internal Communication
  • Building Collaborative & Crossfunctional Behavior in Teams
  • Stakeholder Management & External Communication
  • Agile Practice, Principle & Tool Assessment Techniques
  • Learning Games for Stakeholders & Teams

An Agile Facilitation Toolkit

  • Selling Agility
  • Agile Contracting & Budgeting
  • Launching Projects
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Discovering the Problem: Root Cause Analysis Techniques
  • Driving Continuous Improvement
  • Distributed Development using Agile
  • Building the Agile Organization


  • Scaling Methods & Tools Overview
  • Scaling Patterns
  • Program Management, Scrum of Scrums & Agile PMOs
  • Best Practices when Scaling

Driving & Supporting Successful Adoption

  • Common Adoption Challenges & Strategies
  • Incremental Rollout
  • Strategic Planning
  • Initial Pilot Program
  • Extended Adoption
  • Communities of Practice

Agile Leadership & Organizations

  • Foundations of Agile Leadership
  • Scaling with Agility
  • Lean Product Management & Design
  • Business Agility

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