On Friday, May 6, 2016, we kicked off our second annual Agile Games Day event where over 20 games where played, demonstrated, and deconstructed in an Open Space format. Fun and merriment with a side of snark were had by all (especially me).

I got some constructive feedback on my Product Owner Pictionary game, learned I’m not as funny as I think I am in Cards for Agility, and picked up a couple of new facilitative learning ideas (e.g. Bubble-sort, Scrum Discovery, story cubes).


Here’s a nib of what transpired during the day:



A few folks had asked for more info on Feature toggles and the fluency model:


Agile Fluency @ Spotify



What are Feature Toggles?



Thanks to everyone that came and participated, double thanks to those of you that shared your games.  See you all next year and next time we’ll leave more time for Drunk Agile!