Getting started with Agile?
Read these resources for a better understanding of agile methods.

Agile Basics


What is Agile?
With Agile Alliance: Agile 101, we learn about what agile is, its core principles, a short history of Agile, and even Agile Software Development. If you want to read a quick, 5 minute piece on what Agile is, this is a perfect place to start. For more information on the history of Agile, Agile Alliance: Agile Timeline is a great resource to learn about agile from 1968-present.

In this video, Arlen Bankston, one of LitheSpeed’s founders, talks about The Role of the Agile Leader and even answers some questions from live viewers on the subject.

The Open Practice Library is organised around the Mobius Loop. In here, we find information in relation to the loop, such as; Affinity Mapping, Agile Health Checks, Backlog Refinement, and much more. Take a dive into this information and learn all about the Mobius Loop!