Certified Agile Leadership

Certified Agile Leadership I by the Agile Leadership Academy is a two-day workshop focused on the role, responsibilities and reasons for being an agile leader.  A highly interactive program is aimed at helping participants create personalized plans that can be put directly into action following the workshop.  A rich combination of discussions with peers, lecture, movies, micro-exercises and more ensure that participants are both engaged and entertained.  

This course is taught by actual executives who have personally been at the forefront of numerous agile transformations, and are recognized thought leaders in the agile space for over fifteen years.  Personal experience in both public and commercial organizations with the full gamut of agile techniques including Scrum, Kanban, scaling methods and DevOps helps instructors connect with the real-world needs of participants, instead of just conveying theory. Learn what has and hasn’t worked in real world whole-company transformations, encompassing not just software development but also impacts to HR, finance, marketing and more.

This workshop is part of the Agile Leadership Academy (ALA),ALA_ID_72dpi a full year program providing a complete support structure for executives within agile organizations.  Upon completion of the CAL I workshop, participants may choose to continue with three more quarterly sessions to complete the ALA program, in which case they will also receive four half-day site visits to different companies practicing Agile methods (such as The Motley Fool, OPower, Walmart and USCIS), free access to LitheSpeed conferences and events, and monthly hour-long executive mentoring calls to track their progress in implementing quarterly plans.

Sample Agenda

  • Why Lean & Agile?
    • State of the Industry
    • Where Agile Fits Best
    • Real-World Challenges & Benefits
    • Your Agile Business Case
  • A Survey of Lean & Agile Methods
    • Scrum
    • Kanban
    • DevOps & XP
    • Lean & The Lean Startup
    • Scaling Patterns
    • Defining the Agility Gap
  • An Agile Leader’s Role
    • Differences from Legacy Leadership
    • Appropriate Delegation & Empowerment
    • Personal Leadership Transformer
  • Growing an Agile Organization
    • Patterns of the Agile Organization
    • Crossfunctional Organizational Design
    • Agile Governance Structures
    • Agile Cultural Transformer