In this webinar, we take a look at the only two JIRA reports that a scrum team really needs, whether they’re just starting out or well on their way down the path to Agility. We also review two other JIRA reports that are great for stakeholders and process nerds alike.

Finally, we put it all together into some sample JIRA dashboards that provide the right kind of visibility from a variety of perspectives within an organization.

This webinar is facilitated by Lisa Mabli and Roland Cuellar.
Lisa Mabli can best be described as an Agile sherpa. She knows the challenging terrain of Agile transformations extremely well, and her greatest joy is in helping teams find and navigate their path through it without any (major) injuries.
She is a data nerd, a JIRA junkie, and a relentless asker of “Why?” She is well-versed in What and How as well, having served as an Agile mentor, coach, and confidant to all levels of an organization, and in a variety of contexts including eComm, hospitality, event management, FinTech, and a smattering of internal-facing applications. She loves books and dogs and yoga, and is pretty handy with a pencil, too. She draws and is currently writing a novel (a love story) as well as a book about Agile. Those may or may not be the same thing.
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