My update on the #Stoos Gathering is somewhat overdue, so here goes. I was vacationing in India and headed in Zurich, breaking journey on my way back home to Washington, DC. Met up with old friend Michael Spayd, and we headed to Stoos together via the railway.

Growing up, I’d heard that one could set one’s watch to the Swiss trains, and in this case, it turned out to be true. We arrived in Stoos after having changed 4 trains, all arriving and leaving precisely on the dot. Maybe it doesn’t always work this way, but it sure did for us! Serendipitously, we ended up doing the last legs of the journey with Deborah Preuss and her husband Ilya Preuss.
Once at Stoos, we met up with organizers Peter Stevens, Franz Roosli and Steve Denning; and a day later, Jurgen Appelo. Also met several others including John Styffe, Catherine Louis, Rod Collins, Uly Loth, Esher Derby, Julian Birkenshaw, Peter Hundermark, Roy Osherove, Simon Roberts, Melina McKim, Klaus Leopold, Jonas Vonlanthen and Jay Cross.
Here are some of the nuggets of learning I gleaned:
  1. Management ideaology – is the last bastion of American hegemony.