The Event:
PMI PMO Symposium in Denver, Colorado on November 3-6. It is a must-attend, four-day event for PMO leaders. Last year, attendees took away practical insights into how to build a resilient PMO. PMO Symposium 2019 will build on this focus by giving you the skills, strategies and solutions to create a PMO that’s future-fit. One that adapts rapidly to deliver projects and programs that transform the organization. And one your leaders turn to for advice on how to stay future-ready in a constantly disrupting world.

LitheSpeed Session:
Join Roland Cuellar, Senior Vice President, Business Agility, and Tom Morris of Nationwide, to learn about End-to-End Business Agility.

Nationwide executives partnered across business and IT to create entrepreneurial end-to-end teams aligned by customer experiences. These end-to-end teams worked directly with business units and customers to dramatically improve business-side velocity by 67 percent and simultaneously reduce costs by 15 percent. In this session, we will present eight key techniques that drive organizational agility and create an environment where continuous delivery can occur within the structure of a highly projectized organization.

The Event:
Business Agility Midwest in, Columbus Ohio on November 6-7. We’ll be there – come visit our booth!

The Goals of the Conference:
Build a world class business agility community in the midwestern United States comprised equally of both business and IT practitioners.
Erase the line between business and IT: one team solutioning together.
Continue to develop a midwestern United States agility community through monthly meetups, one day quarterly summits, and the annual Business Agility Midwest Conference.

LitheSpeed Session:
Join Sanjiv Augustine, Founder and CEO, for his keynote session to learn about shifting left for business success.

Business Agility is about moving the whole business to an agile mindset, while empowering key business units to work incrementally, transparently, and towards a set of shared goals. Sanjiv and Amber will focus on four practical steps or “sparks” to transition your whole business to agile. We’ll touch on overarching goals, budgeting, product management, and how to drive all of these changes across the organization. 

  1. OKRs for outcome-based agility (Align every business unit against the same goals with quarterly OKRs)
  2. Portfolio Kanban (Form a *functional* Product Management Council with representatives from every major business group as a triage team for new feature requests)
  3. Agile VMO (Form a cross unit middle-management team to drive the change and flow the work)
  4. Agile Budgeting and Funding (Annual budget forecasting with quarterly changes)

Learn these specific, actionable steps to take back to your business units and start or continue the exciting journey towards Business Agility.

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