The Scrum Master Journey…transcending Shu to Ri

Presented by Matt Miceli at Lean+Agile DC 2019.

We are responsible for our own destiny. What matters is how we improve ourselves from this moment forward. – Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhist Philosopher, Educator, Author To further enable Scrum Masters to mature specific capabilities, and achieve more consistent practice across the enterprise, Fannie Mae’s Agile Center of Excellence (CoE) embarked on series of evolutionary initiatives. While we would like to represent that these activities were premeditated and intentional, the reality was that the activities were emergent, evolving with, and in response to, the larger organizational transformation. During this session, we will detail the evolution of role-based training and development initiatives over the last several years intended to support Agile Roles, the triggers that precipitated the initiative, the outcome of the initiative itself, as well as lessons learned given the benefit of hindsight.