After a few years of inexorable movement, we are very close to seeing the Project Management Institute (PMI) launching its agile certification. After some early involvement in 2008 with the PMI Agile Community of Practice, and 2009 at the Agile Conference in Chicago, I had to drop out of the organizing group. So, I am glad to see this movement coalesce and move toward certification. Kudos to Mike Griffiths, Jesse Fewell, Derek Huether (now with LitheSpeed!) and others in the PMI leadership for pulling off this difficult task.

In looking for details about the certification and what it entails, I’ve found Mike Griffiths’ site to be most illuminating. So, here are links to 3 pages that I found most useful:
  1. More details about PMI’s Agile Certification
  2. Inside PMI’s Agile Certification Exam Content Outline
  3. PMI Cert to be called “Agile Certified Practitioner
Then of course, we should be diligent enough to review the information coming from the source, so here is the PMI’s page on the subject:
I’d like to congratulate Mike Griffiths and Jesse Fewell — two bridge builders who worked tirelessly for the past few years to make this a reality. Thanks also to Rory McCorkle and his team at the PMI for doing the long hard work within the PMI.
In closing, for those in the LitheSpeed CSM community — have no fear — your 16 PDUs earned doing the CSM qualify towards the required 21 PDUs needed to take the exam.

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