So you’re a Certified ScrumMaster. As proud as we are of our training courses, we’re the first to admit that they cannot completely prepare prospective ScrumMasters, coaches and managers for every real-world challenge in creating agile environments for their teams.  A common question is “What’s next?”

Leading the human side of agility is a unique challenge, where psychology, communication and change management skills can all come into play. We’ve partnered with longtime colleagues of ours at the Agile Coaching Institute and the Improv Effect to offer two special, limited-availability courses that focus sharply on these elements of the agile equation.

Coaching Agile Teams is a two-day course taught by two of the top Agile coaches in the world, Michael Spayd and Lyssa Adkins.  It’s meant for ScrumMasters, agile coaches and project managers who are ready to take the next step beyond practices and principles and move into activating teams to achieve the full promise of agile. If your teams get the practices, but seem to be just going through the motions, this course will equip you with the deep coaching skills to break through this common barrier.  It also will prepare interested participants for the Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Coach designation.

Effective Communication for Agile Teams is a one-day course taught by Jessie Shternshus, who leads an improvisational acting troupe when she’s not working with agile teams. This workshop, meant for both coaches and their teams, is one of the most dynamic and entertaining classes we’ve ever offered.  Using applied improv exercises, participants explore and hone the interpersonal communication skills vital to building great self-managing teams. Topics such as active listening, body language awareness and thinking on the spot are introduced and correlated to specific business and team practices so that your team can operate as one.


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