The world has changed drastically, with jobs and businesses destabilizing and threatening the livelihoods of many.  As an organization whose mission is to make peoples’ work more productive, valued and fulfilling, we feel that it is a vital time to connect to share resources and ideas.

Here are some resources from our team that we hope might be useful to you in this tough time.

Assistance for Individuals:

Assistance for Small Businesses: 

Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources from the US Small Business Administration.

Thank you AcountSolve for collecting the resources below:

  • A webinar created by MultiFunding, a Business Loan Advisor organization.
  • A blog post from Fundera, a funding resource for small business on how to Apply for a Coronavirus Business Loan
  • Some information about disaster assistance from the Small Business Administration
  • A blog post from Gusto a payroll provider, about COVID-19 Loan Relief and Resources for Small Business; includes some state information.

General Coronavirus (COVID-19) Toolkit:

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone at LitheSpeed about these items, or our new virtual working world, please contact us at