Scaling Agile

Align your teams and accelerate transition

Growing an Agile Organization

Transform the enterprise.

A challenge for even the most seasoned executives:  Creating a holistic system in which software development, HR, the business, Security, Infrastructure, the PMO, QA, and more all work seamlessly together across the value stream in support of customers.

LitheSpeed brings 15 years of hands-on experience helping some of the most respected brands in the world implement agile at scale:

Westinghouse Nuclear Power
Capital One
Nationwide Insurance
US Citizenship and Immigration
Freddie Mac
and many others

No two transformations have been alike.  Every organization has had unique history, culture, opportunities, risks, and constraints that has always resulted in the development of a unique scaling solution for their needs.   Our approach starts with understanding your unique situation and working closely with your leadership team to craft a unique pathway to scaled agility that is tailored directly to your organization.

LitheSpeed Agile Enterprise Path

If your company is ready to scale Agile methods from teams to the entire enterprise, join forces with us to craft a custom approach based on your organization’s strengths.  LitheSpeed’s Path to Enterprise Agility will help you jumpstart and maintain an Agile organization.  

We craft a clear strategy by assessing your organization’s current agility, then work with you to align your teams and accelerate a powerful transition.  This customized approach is founded on a combination of your goals and our practical experience.


We provide an overview of the current state of Lean and Agile adoption across people, processes, and products in your organization.


We craft a training and coaching plan to get all team members and stakeholders aligned in process and cultural change.


Our offerings for specialized executive workshops and lean product development will keep your teams on a path of continuous improvement.

Scaling Methods

Our scaling services include:

  • Situational Assessment
  • Executive planning and support
  • Scaling Framework selection and tailoring
  • Organizational Design
  • Process Change and Implementation
  • Organizational Change Planning and Support
  • Corporate Education Development and Delivery
  • Team Coaching

Scaled Agile Framework®

If you want to follow the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), we will work with your teams to follow this approach.  From training to team coaching and management consulting, we guide large scale transformations.

Download our SAFe Offerings flyer.

Learn more about SAFe® here.

Bring us onsite to support PI Planning.

The Big Picture from Scaled Agile Framework®