Scaling Agile

Enterprise-wide Business Agility

A challenge for even the most seasoned executives:  Creating a holistic system in which software development, HR, the business, Security, Infrastructure, the PMO, QA, and more all work seamlessly together across the value stream in support of customers.

LitheSpeed brings nearly two decades of hands-on experience helping some of the most respected brands in the world implement agile at scale. We’ve worked with Capital One, Nationwide Insurance, NIKE, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Pacific Gas & Electric, The IRS, Freddie Mac and many others.

No two transformations have been alike. 

Every organization has had unique history, culture, opportunities, risks, and constraints that has always resulted in the development of a unique scaling solution for their needs.  Our approach starts with understanding your unique situation and working closely with your leadership team to craft a unique pathway to scaled agility that is tailored directly to your organization.

Scaling services:

We offer a holistic approach to change which has been repeatedly successful in large, complex organizations, and is in itself consistent with agile and lean principles. Our approach to scaling agile typically involves the following:

  • Lean+Agile Assessment
  • Scaling Framework selection and tailoring
  • Executive planning and support
  • Set up of Lean Porfolio Management
  • Organizational Design
  • Process Change and Implementation
  • Organizational Change Planning and Support
  • Management training and mentorship through the Agile Leadership Academy®
  • Corporate Education Development and Delivery
  • Team Coaching

Scaled Agile Framework®

As a Scaled Agile partner for 7 years, we have real life implementation expertise to guide you through the ins and outs of adopting the Scaled Agile Framework®(SAFe®).

Our SAFe Program Consultants offer the full suite of SAFe training, along with insight into the latest framework additions and developments.  Leverage the Scaled Agile Framework with expert guidance.  Get in touch to discuss and learn about the Scaled Agile Framework here.

See one our team’s SAFe Summit presentations. – SAFe Principles and Practices at DHS.

Get the spark

Scaling agility, whether you use SAFe®, Disciplined Agile, Scrum-at-Scale, or a custom-designed solution, all require certain organizational components and practices in place.  LitheSpeed’s Business Agility Sparks® are a way for our clients to conceptualize the constructs and practices needed.   As we work with you to scale, we design a rollout that addresses the following key elements, using the specific language and constructs of your desired framework.