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Scrumban: Effectively Combining Scrum and Kanban

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Lean Portfolio Management: Connecting the Strategy to Every Part of Your Business

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AgileDC 2022: Random Acts of Agility


Agile Coaching Circles


From PMO to VMO

Managing for Value Delivery

"A game changer for those struggling to align PMOs with their agile business and culture."


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Leading SAFe Training FAQs

Leading SAFe® Training: Everything You Need to Know

Leading SAFe - SAFe Agilist is the introductory class to the foundations of the Scaled Agile ...
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Facing this? Try that: Coordinating your Organization-wide Agile Approach

Image: From PMO to VMO: Managing for Value Delivery By: Sanjiv Augustine Slow decision making, long ...
Diana Larsen Agile Caravanserai

Agile Caravanserai Diana Larsen

Diana Larsen is Chief Connector & Co-Founder of the Agile Fluency® Project. Along with James Shore, ...
Jon Smart Sooner Safer Happier

Jon Smart – Sooner Safer Happier at DC Lean+Agile Meetup

Sooner Safer Happier - Key anti-patterns and patterns for business agility enabling organizations to deliver better ...
Jurgen Appelo Agile Caravanserai

Agile Caravanserai Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen Appelo is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author on agility, leadership, and innovation. Jurgen Appelo is ...
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An Agile Approach to Commercial, Off-the-Shelf System Implementation

Many individuals who have worked as part of an initiative to implement commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) systems ...
Jim Benson Agile Caravanserai

Agile Caravanserai Jim Benson

Jim Benson is a pioneer of knowledge work and creator of Personal Kanban. He is also ...
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Agile Caravanserai Laurie Williams

Laurie Williams is a Distinguished Professor in the Computer Science Department of the College of Engineering ...
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2 Traits Olympians and (great) Agilists share

Bob Payne There’s a lot we can learn from Olympians and what it takes to be ...

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