When we talk about getting to the heart of something, we usually want to cut through any of the confusion and fluff around an issue and figure out how to work from core strengths and values.  In the Agile community, it’s easy to get distracted by the latest certification opportunity or the challenges of getting your organization on board with a new way of being and doing.

True Agility lies in the ability to delight customers, negotiate team dynamics and organizational politics while maintaining a sense of balance in an ever-changing environment.  Easy, right?  😀

Recently, while at the Heart of Agile conference in Pittsburgh, PA, LitheSpeed met and connected with people who want to build great software and work in an environment that fosters their growth and success.  We were energized by experiencing a great mix of talks that ranged from technical to practical and even with a sprinkle of personal growth.  Dr. Alistair Cockburn led off with a description of Shu Ha Ri that included videos of bungee jumping and cliff-diving, all from the deck of a river tour boat!

Our own Sanjiv Augustine and Beth Wong led a collaborative discussion on 5 Steps to Disruptive Innovation with Hyper Performing Teams that had the room buzzing and brainstorming.

We took a river tour and it was amazing to see the evolution of a city that was founded around Steel and now is leveraging technology to create a new landscape of success and productivity.


At the Heart of Agile, your team will be efficient, having fun, getting work done and making your customers happy.  If that’s not the case, maybe you need a check-up.  Let’s get back to basics.  To quote a famous American story teller, “Be kind, do good work and keep in touch”. And for a check up on your agile health, call LitheSpeed.

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