Gil Broza joined the DC Lean+Agile Meetup on September 14 @ 12 PM ET.


Practice Does Not Make Perfect (When It Comes to Agile Journeys)

These days, almost every organization is on an Agile journey. And yet, most companies have trouble achieving real agility.

Why is that? Aren’t the ingredients for effective transformations available to everyone? There is no shortage of motivation, established practices, detailed processes, ever-improving tools, literature, consultants, employees with agile experience, and certifications.

Gil Broza, author of “The Agile Mindset” and “The Human Side of Agile”, thinks that one particular ingredient has been overlooked in the mad rush to adopt Agile. In this session, he leads us on an exploration of that ingredient and its crucial role in successful Agile journeys.

About Our Speaker:

Gil Broza helps tech leaders cultivate meaningful agility in product development. He also supports their non-software colleagues in creating real business agility in their teams. Gil has helped close to 100 organizations make Agile work well in their unique contexts by using his Right-Fit Agile system, which is based on the three pillars critical to agility: mindset, culture, and leadership. Companies also invite Gil for specialized support, such as mapping the Agile journey, facilitation of large collaborative events, and keynotes for internal conferences. Gil is the author of three acclaimed books: The Agile Mind-Set, The Human Side of Agile, and Agile for Non-Software Teams. He lives in Toronto.

Listen to the Recording Here:

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