One of the best podcast interviews I’ve heard is the one that Bob Payne conducted with Bud Phillips in 2006 at the Agile conference.  Bud, then a business-side VP of Decisioning Services at Capital One, really brought out some of the best aspects of Agile methods:

  • Taking the Lean perspective on Agile;
  • Making the initial transition from Waterfall to Lean-Agile;
  • The positive impact on team and associate satisfaction, “associates blossom….it’s a positive virtuously driven cycle“;
  • The positive impact on customers, including a shared definition of what’s valuable, “not functional perfection, but the total outcome of all the work put together” and a closer collaboration with IT teams;
  • The “enormous human dimension” of Agile — how people start to work in a different, trusting way;
  • The ability to change incrementally more easily because Agile in this group was business-side driven as  (as opposed to being a purely IT-driven initiative); and
  • How Agile challenges leaders, and how they work, allow for room and inspire.
I strongly recommend it.  Here’s a link to it:
Do let me know what you think of it, too!

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