Join DeployChain March 28-29, 2016 for a great DevOps Training & Workshop in Alpharetta, GA.

Please send code LSPEED2016 when enrolling so they know fantastic members of the LitheSpeed network are on the way.

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This two-part workshop will serve as an introduction to the world of DevOps and give you a sneak-peak at the potential that could be in store for you and your organization if you are dedicated to being agile and responsive to your customer needs.

We’re looking to speak to not only those who are responsible for strategic business planning, but also for representation from all steps of the Software Development Life Cycle, from development to production to implementation. DevOps breaks the boundaries of Traditional IT structure and interconnects members along the duration of the SDLC, so it is helpful to have representation from all along the life cycle.

Before coming to the workshop, participants should have a basic understanding of what DevOps means. They should have an end goal in mind for their Organization’s IT; this workshop will unlock how you can work towards achieving that goal.

DevOps Alpharetta

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