Make your “Big Bang” Agile Transformation ‘Agile’

Presented by Lavakumar Chaturvedula at Lean+Agile DC 2019.

Enterprises realize that agility is critical in an era of constant disruption. The confluence of people, process, and tools for innovation and customer engagement is becoming a reality. Enterprises struggle to find the right approach to an effective agile transformation starting with a “Big Bang” approach with 2 messages: ”We will do agile from now on,” or “start 1 or 2 teams performing Agile ceremonies.” Neither deliver an effective enterprise agile transformation. In this session leadership or anyone influencing an agile transformation, we learn:

1. The benefit of a holistic and strategic approach to “enterprise agility”.

2. Ineffectiveness of “process oriented” & “Big Bang” practices to address the constantly evolving needs of enterprise agility.

3. Leadership to focus on the right strategy and execution.

4. ‘Iterative an incremental agile approach’ to benefit to transform all key aspects of enterprise structure & operations for sustaining results in long term.