Topic: Scrumban: Effectively Combining Scrum and Kanban


Teams using Scrum sometimes struggle with operational or emergent work blowing up their sprint plans.

As DevOps delivery is increasingly used by organizations, the need for Scrum teams to accommodate operational work also increases. After all, it does not matter how interesting that new feature is if production is down.

By combining the disciplines of Scrum and Kanban, teams can find that happy balance of planned work and emergent work, while still maintaining discipline and continuous improvement.

About Our Speaker: Bob Payne

Bob Payne is LitheSpeed’s Senior Vice President, as well as an Agile Trainer and Coach. An early adopter of Extreme Programming, Scrum and SAFe, Bob Payne has worked exclusively as a Lean+Agile Transformation leader since 1999.

Bob hosts the Agile Toolkit podcast and has produced over 170 episodes, recording a variety of industry leaders and Agile practitioners. Bob’s consulting and training style is built on years of Lean+Agile experience, a MSEE in Computer Architectures for Artificial Intelligence and having grown up working in his family’s restaurant, so you can expect a blend of technical excellence and customer service.

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