After we launched Sensei, our retrospective tool, we realized that while there was considerable interest in the product, users weren’t fully utilizing its core capabilities. We needed to do a better job at quickly connecting with customers who were lost or had questions. Most of the answers they’d need were on our website in the form of instructional videos or FAQs, but that didn’t seem to be enough. Meanwhile, avenues such as email support remained under utilized and our customer support phones never rang.

Taking a step back, we thought about what we would do when we had questions about a certain product feature or service.  The answer was staring us in the face: live chat! We’d accessed support via chat many times when using other services, so why not provide it for our own product?  Okay, but, how?

After a little research, we whittled down our choices for incorporating live chat capability to Olark and Zopim. We chose Zopim, not because Olark was lacking in anyway, but Zopim’s super simple integration, price point and feature set was more than adequate for our needs. The chat widget is easily customizable to match the host website’s color schemes, greetings/offline modes are customizable, and the chat dashboard provides valuable real-time information about each customer, their webpath, web-browser being used, etc.

Within a day we were chatting with our customers, truly engaging them, providing a helping hand when needed, and understanding strengths and shortcomings of our product in ways we couldn’t through a GetSatisfaction form or email/phone support.

Try it.  It’s easier than ever, affordable, and provides speedy, real-time, human interaction crucial for reaching out to your customers.

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