We are ecstatic to announce Tom Paider, Associate Vice President at Nationwide Insurance, as Lean+Agile DC 2016’s keynote speaker.  Not only is he an exceptional speaker, he always impresses with anecdotes and honest insights from years of experience in business transformation.  At Nationwide, he led the Corporate Internet Solutions team in their early Agile implementation.  Just like the conference, Tom is a practicing expert in both Lean AND Agile (but not DC- unfortunately, he is Lean + Agile minus DC).

The LitheSpeed team has known Tom for almost 10 years.  We recognize his special knack for leadership and hear he has a Master’s degree in Lean methods.  Thanks largely to Tom’s spark, Nationwide now has over 150 teams practicing Agile in a Lean framework.  During his keynote, you can expect moving insight from a Leader’s point of view about how to initiate and nurture an Agile Transformation, with specific details from Nationwide.  If you’re as excited as we are about May and want get to know Tom before the conference, check out his book The Lean IT Field Guide: A Roadmap for Your Transformation.

Sanjiv Augustine has called Tom a “captain of American industry” i.e. a leader in corporate America who is Agile and leads Agile from that deep personal core.  Join Tom Paider, LitheSpeed, and a diverse group of Lean and Agile practitioners, from beginners to enthusiasts, on May 18, 2016 for Lean+Agile DC.
See more and register at leanagiledc.com.