Can You Be It — Do You Love It? – Leading Though A Vision That Amplifies Human Potential

Presented by Mark Hill at Lean+Agile DC 2019.

No one changes anything serious about themselves or their organization without good reason. It is tough work to break a pattern of behavior. One of the worst organizationally is the dreaded competitive VISION, it crystallizes almost everything human beings dread about coming to work. But I am a leader and leaders lead by missionizing people – So if this is true how do I get my people, teams and organization to galvanize and reach their potential? In transformational period leaders often fail to connect to anything but an individual’s sense of survival, and so they get survivalist responses. When people’s world shifts, so does their sense of what’s valuable in their work and themselves. Asking for transformational change is asking people to embrace a new vision of themselves and their worth, that’s world altering — It needs to be generative when instead it is often mechanical and dead. Together we are going to change that.