Topic: Kickstart your Kanban with Jira


Many development and operations teams, even those outside of technology, have found that Kanban is a great, practical and immediately useable and useful approach to managing and visualizing their work.
In our Livestream, LitheSpeed Coaches Cate and John will talk through the basics of getting you started using Kanban and Jira, simply and easily.

About our Speakers:

Cate Christiaanse has over 15 years of experience in Agile environments with a focus on Agile program management, continuous improvement, team development, and clear and sustainable workflows. She has used her role in corporate leadership to foster business agility, extending Agile practices from beyond the IT department to the business and operations groups.

Cate has worn many hats in the Agile field including, Chief ScrumMaster, ScrumMaster, and Product Owner and led many teams through an Agile transformation process.  She uses her professional experience with technical and business domains to facilitate productive and healthy cross-functional team communication.

John Halberstadt is LitheSpeed’s Director of Agile Consulting, as well as an Enterprise Agile Consultant, Coach and Trainer. He leverages more than two decades of executive leadership experience as a CIO, CTO and Vice President of Technology, helping enterprises deliver business value through agile and lean approaches.

John has led successful agile transformation efforts extensively in the Finance and Insurance domains since the mid-2000s. He additionally has helped guide organizations in additional industries as diverse as Healthcare, Retail, Utilities and Artificial Intelligence on their path to greater agility and value realization from their technology investments.


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