Dr. Suzette Johnson and Robin Yeman joined the DC Lean + Agile Meetup on Wednesday, January 10th at 12pm ET.


Agile and DevOps practices continue to challenge the status quo and improve mission and business outcomes. Over the years we have seen how these practices have worked well in software and now we are learning how to scale these principles and practices across large, complex communications and cyber-physical systems composed of hardware, firmware, and software.

We bring together the concepts of Lean, Agile, and DevOps and apply them across all functions within the value stream. This new way of working and set of principles has been defined as Industrial DevOps. Industrial DevOps offers the ability to adapt to changing needs, reduce cycle time for delivery, increase value for money, and leverage innovation.

During this talk you will become familiar with the Industrial DevOps principles in the context of cyber-physical systems and a few case studies that demonstrate the successful implementation of these principles.

For some of you these principles may already be part of your environment and you will resonate with the potential they offer; for others, these principles will be a paradigm shift in ways of working to reduce risk, improve results, and deliver value at the speed of relevance.

About our Speakers:

Dr. Suzette Johnson works for Northrop Grumman Space Systems as an NG Fellow, Lean-Agile and Technical Fellow Emeritus. She has led the adoption of Lean Agile across the enterprise and supported over 100 projects and government programs. Her focus is applying Lean and Agile practices to the development of cyber-physical systems within the space domain. She received a Doctorate of Management Technology at the University of Maryland with a dissertation focused on investigating the Impact of leadership styles on software project outcomes in traditional and agile environments.

Robin Yeman, works at Carnegie Mellon SEI as the Space domain lead. Her expertise spans over twenty-five years in software engineering with focus on Digital Engineering, DevSecOps, and Agile building large complex solutions across multiple domains from submarines to satellites. She advocates for continuous learning with multiple certifications including SAFe Fellow, SPCT, PMP, PMI-ACP, and CSEP. She has completed her Systems Engineering PhD at Colorado State researching best practices to deliver complex safety-critical solutions.

Robin Yeman and Suzette Johnson have co-authored multiple papers on Industrial DevOps through IT Revolution and have recently published a book, Industrial DevOps: build better systems faster.


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