This two-day course focuses on core components of the agile project manager role as distinct from the traditional project manager, and on equipping the learner with strategies and techniques for successful Lean and Agile project implementation. A servant leadership mindset and approach is critical to empowering agile teams to produce great results. Students will practice the role of agile project manager as a facilitator of agile practices towards achieving desired outcomes. This course also takes a much more in-depth look at the fundamental agile concepts of adaptive planning, customer collaboration, and value-driven delivery in dynamic and sometimes highly constrained environments. In addition, learning objectives address agile approaches to standard project management processes such as metrics and reporting.

ICP Agile Project Management (ICP-APM) certification is also included upon demonstrating competency in the learning objectives of the class.

Professional Benefits

  • 16 Category B PMI PDUs
  • Course covers all learning objectives required for ICAgile-APM Certification
  • Merit recognition as a ICP-APM on the ICAgile Website

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Agility and Management

  • The Reality of Agile Projects
  • Managing Constraints
  • Performance and Metrics

Empowering People and Teams

  • Establishing Effective Teams
  • Creating an Empowered Team
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Optimizing Team Dynamics
  • Resource Management

Maximizing Value Delivered

  • Understanding and Measuring Value
  • Understanding Project Quality in relation to Value
  • Agile Triangle vs. Triple Constraint
  • Achieving Customer & Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Frequent delivery

Agile Planning and Estimating

  • Progressive Elaboration
  • Continuous Planning, Collaboration & Transparency
  • Release planning
  • Increment planning
  • Principles of Agile estimation & Estimation techniques

Cultivating an Agile Culture

  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Project Community: Customers and Users
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Building Community
  • Open Information & Big Visible Communications