How Value Stream Analysis can Decrease Build Times

Presented by Glenn Buckholz at Lean+Agile DC 2019.

In any reasonably complex application you are likely to have a CI/CD pipeline helping you enforce standards and quality. With so many pieces there is rarely a single author to the build and deploy automation. As theses pipelines grow organically, they can slow down since typically no one is concerned with overall efficiency. As each build and deployment takes longer we loose some of our left shifting. We can use a tool called valuestream analysis and apply it to the CI/CD pipeline to find inefficiency. Typically, valuestream analysis is used for figuring out process efficiency, but with just a few technical tweaks it can be used to solve a few technical issues. In addition, valuestream analysis provides a way to weight the issues that we find and assign a course grained cost to solving each problem. When the magnitude of the issues are defined, decisions can now be made as to which problems should be addressed, and the magnitude of the probable gains.

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